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Concrete Care and Color Charts

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Color Charts

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Integral Colors

color is throughout concrete mix.
- Brickform Liquid Color
- Davis Integral Colors
- Solomon Integral Colors for Ready Mix
- Solomon ColorFlo

Water Based Concrete Stains

- SureCrete Eco Stains

Acid Stain

penetrating color surface application.
- Brickform Blush Tone Acid Stain
- Solomon Concrete Stain

Color Hardener

bonds with concrete surface creating a tough, dense, abrasion resistent floor. Can be used as a base or accent, with Release Agents and stamped patterns for decorative concrete finishes.
- Brickform Color Hardener
- Solomon Dry Shake Color Hardener

Release Agents

used with pattern stamping.
- Brickform Antique Release
- Solomon Color Release

Opaque Surface Coating

- Brickform Cem-Coat

Spray Texture

- SureCrete Spray Texture


Although these color samples haves been provided in graphic format by the manufacturers, please make final selection from a printed color card or sample.

Solomon Color Release Agents

CR238 - Buff
CR238 –
CR338 - Brown
CR385 - Dark Brown
CR385 –
Dark Brown
CR415 - Brick Red
CR415 –
Brick Red
CR489 - Redwood
CR592 - Slate Green
CR592 –
Slate Green
CR750 - Terra Cotta
CR750 –
Terra Cotta
CR923 - Silver
CR923 –
CR927 - Gray
CR935 - Charcoal

Please Make Final selection from a printed color card or sample.

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