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Butch Bando Concrete, Inc.

From the beginning….

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Butch Bando Concrete, Inc. was founded by Narciso “Butch” Bando, Jr., and has proudly served Central Ohio for Over 40 Years.

Butch grew up in a large family with six other siblings, working in terrazzo and concrete with an army of relatives, including his father Narciso Bando, Sr. As a result, he not only learned the value of a dollar but the value of a quality concrete job.

After working in concrete for over 20 years, Butch set out with little more than a pick up truck, a lot of know how, and a dream to start Butch Bando Concrete, Inc. From the company’s beginning, Butch tried to seek not only employees, but customers, who share in his vision of “Quality Concrete at Affordable Prices.”

As a result of his attention to detail and passion for his work, Butch grew his business into the competitive concrete company that it is today.

Butch also put a large amount of time and effort into raising his three children to understand and love the concrete business. Butch Bando Concrete, Inc. continues serving the greater Central Ohio community and as a result of Butch’s dedication to the business and his family, will do so for years to come.